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  • Tel: 503 968 9144 Fax 503 598 8905
  • Mail: contact@archersprecision.com

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Over 40 Years Of Manufacturing Experience

At Archers Precision Inc. we pride our-self on achieving the maximum in accuracy and efficiency, in all phases of sheet metal design and production. We have the capabilities and experience to handle the entire job, from conception to completion. We can quickly fabricate a sheet metal prototype, or manufacture thousands of sheet metal parts per month. Request your quote today!.

Hardware Installation


Hardware Installation, Riveting & Assembly Services.



Mig, Tig and Oxy Acetylene, Spot-Welding & Plasma Cutting

Sheet Metal Forming


Press brakes: (8′-75 ton, 6′-50 ton, 6′-25 ton, 4′-17 ton)

CNC Laser | Turret


CNC Laser Cutting and CNC Turret Punching to Produce Parts, Quickly and Accurately.

Painting & Plating


Chemical Filming, Powder Coating, Liquid Paint, Anodizing, Chromating & Silk-Screening.

Solidworks CAD/CAM


CAD/CAM Design Services. (We can import and unfold most types of 3D files)

Global Shipping


We Make Local Deliveries and Ship Globally.

Lean Manufacturing


Kanban, JIT (Just In time) Manufacturing Solutions are Available.

Sheet Metal Projects

In process & finished projects

We manufacture, fabricate and prototype a wide variety of sheet metal parts, sheet metal chassis's, sheet metal covers, aluminum boxes, stainless steel panels, sheet metal brackets, sheet metal components and assemblies for an assortment of industries including: aerospace, government, aircraft, helicopter, automotive, military, marine, data acquisition, metering and controls, energy metering, test and measurement, solar energy, wind energy, communications, construction, retail display, culinary, electrical, optical, video, photographic, medical, dental, musical, cellular and various fields of technology.


The archers difference
quality control for sheet metal fabrication

We implement and maintain the most effective and efficient procedures for optimum quality assurance and control.

high tolerneces and fast maufacturing with our turret punch presses

10 parts, or 10,000, our machinery maintains tight dimensional tolerances on every single component we manufacture.

on time sheet metal componet deliveries

We deliver parts to our clients worldwide and make it top priority to always make the due date.


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